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Late Summer Night Tales
Vampires at the White HouseVampires at the White House
Luftwaffe Over Ohio

Movie Adaptions of the War of the Worlds
From Brooklyn With Love
From Brooklyn With Love

Class Group Project about Sappho

The Cesium Flash

Another Shameless Christmas Carol Rip-Off

South Africa's Warbirds

Lessons from The Simpsons Characters

Class Group Project about Valentina Tereshkova

The Cesium Flash-Jay Lyons
Return to the Castle Ruins
Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the National Air & Space Museum:
Three Explosions that Changed History

Lessons, Morals, & Observations from
5 Twilight Zone Episodes
Star Wars Fanfic (MS Word Doc)

The Cesium Flash
The Proof

The Giant Castle

Military Aircraft Camouflage and Markings

The Invaders: A 60s Series with Lessons for Today

Burning Lite
Star Wars 2 Fanfic (MS Word Doc)

Zeit Historian

The Painting of the Ruins

The Smithsonians Me-410 Hornisse

People Don't Watch Enough Television

The Cesium Flash
Chang Suk's Videos
From Brooklyn With Love
From Brooklyn With Love

The Apollo 11 Mission
The Most Important TV Event
Three 50s Science Fiction Movies that Haven't had Remakes
Three 50s Science Fiction Movies that Haven't had Remakes

The Cougar Affair

The Cougar Affair

The Life, Times, Death, and Epilogue of the HMS Barham

Link With the Past

Outpost Epsilon Eridani 2
Vampires at the White House

The Ghatak Expedition

Andrews AFB Joint Service Open House

The Atomic Bomb Exhibit at the American University
Earth Ship Tershkova
Earth Ship Tereshkova.
Other Videos
  New Year's Eve 50 Years Apart
The Korean Freedom League Display

The Time Machine Novel and Movie Adaptations

The Garbage Fox
World Trade Center 1979-2011NY World Trade Center 1979-2011
Big Crime at Fort Small

Contextual vs Stand Alone Exhibits
Dr. Strangelove and Fail Safe
Dr. Strangelove and Fail Safe
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The Edna Branch
The Last Ta 152
Information Desk
Email Me
The Ar 196
There is Something about Comedy in Black and White  
The Hs 293
Movie Review: The Wind Rises
Late Summer Night Tales
3 Significant 1968 Movies Donna 998  
    The National Air & Space Museum's He-162 SalamanderHe 162 Salamander
A Trip to Panmunjom
    The National Air & Space Museum's He-219 UhuHe 219 Uhu  
    Me 163    
    Me 262    
    F-4 Phantom    
    The Day the Earth Stood Still - Another View    
    Do 335    
    Ju 388    
    Ar 234 Blitz    
    A-4 Skyhawk
A-4 Skyhawk
Christmas Vacation A Different Kind of Christmas Story    
    3 Radial Engine Fighters at the Udvar-Hazy Center
3 Radial Engine Fighters at the Udvar-Hazy Center
Predicitons About the Future From the Past and Present    
    The Nakajima Kikka at the Udva-Hazy CenterNakajima Kikka Highlander: History of a Genre    
    Macchi C.202 3 60s Science Fiction Movies That Don't Involve Space or Time Travel    
    P-39 3 60s Space Movies    
    Mosquito The Likeable Unlikeable TV Characters    
    The Enola Gay Deceptively Titled Movies    
    The Harrier Harpers Ferry    
    Space Movies without Aliens: 3 Movies - 3 Approaches    
    The Smithsonian's Hawker Hurricane Manassas National Battlefield: A Good Place for a Family Day Trip    
    The F-15 Eagle: Legend, Legacy, and LessonsThe F-15 Eagle 3 Dracula Comedies    
    Ohka The Outer Limits:  That Other Anthology Series    
    The Vought F4U CorsairVought F4U Corsair March of the Wooden Soldier: The Original Christmas Classic    
    The P-38 Lightning 3 Male Chauvinist Movies    
    The Smithsonian's Ju 52s The Women of 3 70s Movies    
    Groundhog Day and Some Movies with a Similar Premise    
    Familiar TV Plot Lines    
    The B-52 Stratofortress    
    A-10 Thunderbolt    
Some Bad Guy War Movies
The C-130 A Transport and Much More

The Manchurian Candidate: A Movie that Captures its Time
    The F-16 Fighting Falcon    
    The F/A-18 HornetF/A-18 Hornet    
    SR-71 Blackbird    
    F-117 Nighthawk    
    P-36 Hawk Ghostbuster Men vs Women    
    Lockheed Constellation Development and Civilian ServiceConstellation    
    The Lockheed Constellation in Military Service    
    F8F Bearcat    
    Virginia Beach Adventures and Misadventures    
    Busch Gardens    
    C-5 Galaxy The Fifth Element    
Weird Wings
Ancient Stories in Modern Movies    
    Dumbo - 2019    
    The Smithsonian's National Zoo    
    C-141 Rogue OneRogue One
A New Take and New Technology
    CH-54 Tarhe Great Falls, VirginiaGreat Falls Virginia    
    The T-37/A-37 AladdinAladdin
Disney's Live Action Version
    Shenandoah Caverns, Virginia    
    Get Smart the Anthesis of James Bond    
Three Movies with Military Capital Case Trials
    V-1The V-1 Flying Bomb Fort
Fort McHenry: Birthplace of a National Anthem
    True Lies    
    The Blue Max: More than an Air Combat Movie    
    Hershey Park and Surrounding Areas    
Blade Runner
    A6M Zero
Midway! Midway! Midway!
Star Trek TOS: From a Mid-20th Century Earth Perspective
      Polar Express: A Nostalgic Journey    
World's Fairs: Facts, Memories, and Tidbits
Die Hard: A Movie That Started a Franchise and a Genre
      Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The Last Episode?    
      The Alamo in the 1970s    
      Iowa Class Battleships    
      100 Hubs Posted    
      200 Hubs Posted    
      Lost in Space
The Original Series
      The National Museum of Asian Art    
      I Am Legend    
      Battlestar Galactia    
      Luray Caverns    
      Ford's Theatre    
      Arlington National Cemetery
History Carved in Stone
      Babylon 5    
      USAF Basic Military Training Graduation:
Much Has Changed
      The Time Tunnel    
      Fratelli Tutti    
      V an 80s Alien Invasion Series    
      The Terminator: To Franchise of Not to Franchise    
      James Bond Movie Franchise in the '60s    
      James Bond Movie Franchise in the '70s    
      COVID-19 by the Numbers    
      James Bond Movie Franchise in the '80s    
      James Bond Movie Franchise in the '90s    
      Die Another Day: The Bond Movie Before the Reboot