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Favorite Easter Movies and Specials
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  • Gary Oldman
  • Danny Devito
  • Cher
  • Nicholas Cage
  • Harrison Ford
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Donald O'Connor
  • Debbie Reynolds
  • Gene Kelly
  • Robin Williams
  • Tom Hanks
  • Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Olympia Dukakis
  • Mel Gibson
  • Jackie Chan
  • Aliens
  • Chicken Run
  • Die Hard
  • The Fifth Element
  • It's a Wonderful Life
  • Metropolis
  • Planet of the Apes
  • The Road Warrior
  • Schindlers List
  • The Scorpion King
  • Star Trek 2
  • Star Wars
  • True Lies
  • Moonstruck
  • It's a Wonderful Life
  • Yentl
  • Indiana Jones
  • Dirty Harry
  • O.W. Grant
  • Henry Turner
  • Hans Solo
  • Kathy Selden
  • Rainbow Randolph
  • Dr. Malcolm Sayer
  • Rose Castorini
  • Martin Riggs
  • 12 Dates of Christmas - Was nearly a ripoff of "Groundhogs Day" only with a woman in the lead, making the mistakes.....and its Christmas and they take heavily from the 12 Days of Christmas was low stress for the most part except when she flubbed the dates but I knew it was going to have a happy ending and it was..:)

    The Fifth Element - Great movie

    A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - I watched the Mr Rogers movie with Tom hanks. Mr Rogers was a nice guy and indeed had a great impact on us. His ministry was his show. My kids wrote to him when they were little and he wrote back. The world could certainly use him now... I think you might like it.
    Alice in Wonderland - It really dragged and I fell asleep through part of it. I dont think it was dated perhaps just too wordy. Was quite colorful drawn out in the middle then they seemed to wrap it up quickly

    Arthur - Saw the remake of Arthur last night. It was awful Dudley Moore played it well. This fellow was absolutely creepy. Baaad acting and terribly boring and felt contrived. We did not even finish it.

    Avengers: Endgame - We all went to see the Endgame movie pre release in the theater. The seats were recliners I fell asleep and missed about an hour of a three hour movie. I found it hard to follow. A lot of action but not much depth. A lot of zooming around.

    Ballet Shoes - I guess it was a "chick flick" I really enjoyed it Set in the early 20th century a feel of "Little Women" to it.

    Beautiful Creatures - A lot of stereotyping of Christians a very biased way and not cogent tried to be mystical and magical edgy and just was stupid.

    Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey - It's great.

    Big Man on Campus - Funny.

    Blended - It was innocuous and formulaic... plus is that it was low stress. This was pleasant enough but not seriously memorable.

    Bohemian Rhapsody - It was really good insightful looking into the real person of Freddy Mercury.

    The Bourne Identity - I got too stressed out watching it.

    Brainsorm - really silly and poorly acted. But...ok.

    Brooklyn - It was ok not too in deep, made me think of my grandparents immigrating....a sad movie but thats what immigrants felt, loss separation having to leave people behind.

    The Bucket List - I thought it was very well done. Dealing with mortality somehow hit a chord with me probably more so considering my recent loss. Two guys with terminal cancer doing a list of things before they die and one going into remission and the other dieing and having to finish the others list. And the bottom line was that people and relationships are what is most important in life.

    The Coca-Cola Kid - The best part of the Coca Cola Kid was the song.

    Commander in Chief (TV Series) - It's pretty good.

    Colossal - My spouse and I watched this last night. He said the reviews he read were great. We both thought it was awful. People being mean to each other and making poor life choices. I don’t know why anyone would think this was a great movie. Maybe it’s a shadenfreud thing.....nothing worked out well it was kind of depressing......

    Dark Shadows - We watched "Dark Shadows" (on Net Flix) with Johnny Depp receives a 10 on the "craptasticmeter" or 1/2 Star.Probably one of the stupider movies (is there such a word as stupider?) we have seen in a long time, Kept watching it as there was hope it would get better.....but it didn't....

    The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008) - It was terrible.

    Death at a Funeral - was funny, a little vulgar at times, but funny. Spouse said the English version was better, (British)

    Down Periscope - It is a lighthearted funny movie. Was a good thing to watch.

    Dr. Strange - found the computer graphic visually disturbing but the regular part was pretty good. Somehow he seemed to evolve to quickly to the "Sorcerer Supreme" I think. it was okay.

    Dummy - I thought it was a really great romantic comedy and I guess I always wanted to be a ventriloquist...hmmm maybe I should study that........ Two thumbs up it was great!

    Eat Pray Love - I found it awful as it depicts a self indulgent woman like she was on a mission from God. Who has enough money to go to Italy for a month just to explore the food. Then go to India to see a yogi.......not a film for the middle class. The woman was so self centered (Julia Roberts was the lead).....Divorcing her devoted husband was appalling.

    Enola Holmes - It was great.
    The Engagement Ring - Kind of reminded me of my family (parents).

    The Family - Was an awful one we started to watch that was supposed to be a comedy but I couldnt take it.

    The Family Man - A Ebeneezer Scrooge / It's a Wonderful Life Sentiment .... How his life could have been/be if his priorities were different. It was low stress so I enjoyed it.

    The Fastest Guitar Alive - It was low stress and somewhat amusing as the singing cowboys guitar was also a rifle!

    Flash Gordon - Pretty campy but amusing.

    Frozen - I did not find it profound at all. In fact the music was mediocre.

    Gambit - We watched this it was great!!!
    Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters II - Watched them several times. Loved them both. I even use the lines occasionally. My kids too. Like when we wee setting traps for feral cats to spay and neuter would yell "We got one".......Garden hoses......"Don't cross the streams".......When one of them would get sick with laryngitis "What a marvelous singing voice you must have"......When we moved we had a lot of "vertical book stacking".. vacuuming with the shop vac "Switch me on" We have a very affectionate dog that was used with!!! "Ive been slimed" when the dog is licking them... ..ha ha ha

    Hamilton - I watched only about an hour. I was disappointed. It was done in rap. I kept saying "whaaaat?". I was told I should watch it with the closed captioning. No thank you. Also it seems to be telling of the dark side of Hamilton. The seemy side that he was a womanizer and low life. What I saw I found depressing. Maybe it gets better but I think I'll pass as I did not enjoy the rapping complicated dialogue. No room for flubs or winging it there. My freind said she found it inspiring. I found it depressing to find out Hamilton was a low life. Watching it with subtitles, much better but it is sad, not really impressed but I suppose it is ground breaking in terms of style.
    Heartstrings (TV Series)- Short stories of her (Dolly Parton) songs. Amusing entertaining not too long.Just enough.

    Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy - I slept on and off through. It was a low stress movie.

    Hugo - Another good movie!

    The Hundred-Foot Journey - We watched this tonight, very good??.

    Ice Spiders - Baaaad acting real baaad giant spiders eat hunters....never mind that insects would not be able to survive in freezing temps.

    The Imitation Game - About solving the enigma. Great movie. Very sad they did not recognize what this man accomplished till now.

    Inception - That fellow from Titanic is the lead about dreams within dreams and people meeting in dreams and questioning reality. I fell asleep and thought I was in Brooklyn. A little drawn out and now I am getting bored.

    Inkheart - it was a low stress movie for a hot day.

    dInterstate 60: Episodes of the Road - Good movie we liked it a lot 2003. The beginning of that movie with Michael J Fox is a favorite of mine. Only one incident of verbal vulgarity but it was integral to the story. Everything else was very good. I would give it feel good and delightful. Thought it was philosophically pretty good.

    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - I would give a 10 out of one to ten. I guess the WW2 history is something Paul and I have in common.

    Into the Woods - Before I fell asleep...I found it too formulaic. Johnny Depp was unimpressive and his Wolf makeup looked more like a cat.

    Jack Reacher - I thought it was great! I have not enjoyed a movie that much in years. A real good action movie with satisfying emotional twists. Not too bloody or gory and not particularrly profane either.

    Jane Eyre - I enjoyed it as I had read the book years ago... kind of felt it was like watching paint dry.

    Julie & Julia - I thought it was a good movie.

    Kate and Leopold - It felt fairly contrived. it kind of had a happy ending. Relatively low stress but it does not rate watching again.

    The King's Speech - I really liked that one.

    Lars and the Real Girl - I really enjoyed this truly bizarre movie. Absolutely facinating well thought out and truly intelligent.

    Limitless - Interesting movie.

    Little Women - Really enjoyed it and it was very close to the dialogue in the book.

    The Lone Ranger - Awful really awful. If I was a native American I would be truly upset. So many historical inaccuracies as well as humor that is just in poor taste. Shoddy craftsmanship.

    Lord of the Rings - I did not like Lord of the Rings...Could not get into it. I could not read the books for the same reason.

    The Man From Earth - Watching this now with Paul...its pretty interesting.

    Man of Steel - excruciatingly boring.

    Martin Luther - It was very good. Clearly shows why Luther did what he did.

    Minions - It annoyed me because of the gibberish. I found it to be too contrived and in poor taste. Then I have found some tv shows that way too.

    Moana - 2016 Disney movie and found it very disappointing. Not one catchy tune and so contrived.

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail - I thought after all these years it might not offend my senses. it still does. Did not enjoy it al all.

    Morning Glory - It's cute but it has a tendency to drag.

    Mud - I would give it OK but it seemed interminable. 130 minutes felt like at least 6 hours and the ending was Unsatisfying.....but everybody lived so that was good.

    Noah - We saw Noah. For a fictional work they present it as Biblical truth which it is not. It grieves me that people will watch this and think it is true, much as "The DaVinci Papers" and the "Left Behind Series". It was an awful movie.

    Moonstruck - One of my all time favorites as it reminds me a lot of my relatives. I enjoy the NYC scenes. It was kind of nostalgic.

    The Nuns Story - I finally watched the "Nuns story" and I liked the book better if I had not read the book the movie would probably have been a bit boring as it was I fell asleep but I usually do that anyway in my chair in the evening but the insight into a nuns life was very interesting in both the book and movie.

    Outsourced - romantic comedy about India. I guess it was a chick flick as I really enjoyed it....was an excellent glimpse into India. I found it insightful when I saw it as to what is literally going on with outsourcing.

    Paddington - I thought it was cute from what I saw. I fell asleep towards the middle.

    Peggy Sue Got Married - That was good.

    Phoebe in Wonderland - A really interesting movie in bits and pieces. I was doing cleaning around so I didn't get to see the whole thing but what I saw it was really intriguing.

    Pitch Perfect - I really enjoyed this! I think I could watch it a few times. Singing was great!!

    Prince of Persia - I found it a little hard to follow but good as it was not too stressful or gory.

    The Red Baron - I find it kind of depressing. I guess I just would rather not be emotionally wrenched in recreation movie viewing. It is not bloody. Just wrenching. I think I liked it better than Hot Shots part Deux

    Regarding Henry - Is another favorite that I want to watch again.

    The Rewrite - We started watching this movie mainly because it was filmed In Binghamton and we know that area. Got about 20 minutes into it and it had its funny moments but Hugh Grant lacks personality and depth.

    Rock of Ages - Tom Cruise (looking too old to be doing this )..Alec Baldwin (looking way too old and skeevy and sleezy)...felt embarrassed for them...tasteless cliches.....How could they ever have thought it was a good idea I'll never know.

    Rocketeer - We watched the Rocketeer the other day. I did not recognize it. Was a good movie. A lot of cliches. I was in another room cleaning and I heard some of it and it sounded like the three stooges. I guess they were imitating the gangsters that way.

    Rumble in the Bronx - Entertaining as far as karate movies go. Action and humor. I had to look away a few times as there was gore and violent acts against people that I found offensive to my senses. Jackie Chanis fun to watch and it impresses me he does his own stunts.

    The Secret Life of Bees - Nice movie for a Sunday afternoon. A chick flick yeah. I really enjoyed it.

    Sense and Sensibility - Enjoyed it. Not too deep but I needed a "mental vacation"

    Snakes on a Plane - Yep snakes are put on a plane to kill a witness to a murder. The line "be brave" is said more than I would care to hear. The plane is landed by a guy who does flight simulator. They also used the F word only to excess.

    Suits - Good TV show.

    Suits (Korean Version) - The dialogue was more formal and philosophical. It follows the basic premise of the American series only with cultural changes.

    Support Your Local Sheriff - It was a pleasant and stress free movie.

    The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming - I thought it was a good movie.

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Formulaic it is.

    Take Me Home - Leads were husband and wife. Entertaining story of an unplanned cross country drive.

    Through the Looking Glass - I found it annoying they spoke in stage whispers for much of the time. I found it visually confusing and "busy". The plot lacked substance. I never read the book, perhaps I would have felt that way about it as well.

    >Trains, Planes, and Automobiles - I tried to watch but I found it too aggravating after only 3 or 4 minutes.

    Twilight - Probably the stoopidest movie I have ever seen baaaad acting soooooo bad.

    What we Did on Our Holiday - Supposed to be a comedy...not so much..... it was thoughtful and made practical sense..

    When Harry Met Sally - It was not very thought provoking or deep and morally and ethically secular but low stress and had a happy ending which made it pleasant enough to watch.

    White Christmas - Watched before Christmas, it was the afternoon I was writing cards out. Nice Holiday entertainment, really enjoyed it.

    Wonder Woman - A great movie although a little to violent for me personally. One of the better movies of recent time I think.

    World's Most Dangerous Prison Ever - Full Documentary - This is the only film I watched today for some reason, it was informative. I know people who were prison guards. What a scary job. Glad there are people who can do this.

    Yentl - I gave it 5 stars....low stress for inspirational movie....I forgot about women being intellectually oppressed.

    Zombieland - Spouse watched Zombieland with Bill Murray he said it was real funny.
    Top 50s TV Series Top 60s TV Series Top 70s TV Series
    Captain Kangaroo
    Howdy Doody
    I Love Lucy
    My Favorite Martian
    Ed Sullivan
    Mr. Ed
    The Brady Bunch
    Charlie's Angels

    Other Favorites

    Favorite Twilight Zone episode - The Living Doll.
    Favorite Abbott and Costello movie - The Time of Their Lives, Favorite line..."We are free".

    Call the Midwife! - A BBC series. I find it compelling. Post WW2 life in England focusing on midwives and taken from a real persons memoirs.

    Dr. Horrible - We have Tivo and yesterday we watched the whole series all together it runs about 40 minutes. This was done by the same guy who did Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie and series, it ends sadly though. It did mostly keep my attention.

    Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre - "The Frog Prince", It is very funny.

    Blue Bloods - Always like to guess where in New York City it was filmed. I find it interesting that the cops in the show work all over NYC and do not stay in a specific precinct. Ha ha they have artistic license I guess.

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