B-1Bs have completed 10,000 combat sorties
Targets Destroyed Assisted in Destruction Assisted in Capturing
183 enemy troops 44 enemy troops 26 Enemy troops
1 x ZSU-23    
15 Compounds 4 Compounds  
5 Bunkers 1 Bunkers  
1 Arsenal    
7 Caves 3 cave  
4 Vehicles (includes 1 destroyed to keep from enemy hands.) 1 vehicle to keep from enemy hands.  
18 Buildings 5 Building (1 HBIED)  
27 Enemy positions 12 enemy positions  
7 Weapons Cache & IED 2 Arms caches  
5 Bridges    
2 Rocket system    
1 Command post    
1 IED 1 IED  
2 Narcotics Facility    
350 miscellanous    
Tail Number Comments
077 Flew Operation Enduring Freedom missions.
AF85-090 Flew Operation Enduring Freedom missions.
AF85-095 37th Bomb Squadron; Flew Operation Iraqi Freedom & Enduring Freedom missions
86-095 Flew Operation Enduring Freedom missions
115 Flew Operation Enduring Freedom missions
AF86-120 Supported Operation Enduring Freedom
86-123 The first plane to fly a combat mission sporting the nose art memorial of the victims of September 11. (Operation Enduring Freedom)
86-0138 & On April 7, 2003 dropped GBU-31s on the al Sea restaurant, a leadership target. Captain Chris Wachter was the aircraft commander, Captain Sloan Hollis was the pilot and Lt. Col. Fred Swan and 1st Lt. Joe Runci were the Weapons System Officers for this mission. They were awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.
5085 28th BW Operation Enduring Freedom & Operation Iraqi Freedom
116 Supported Operation Iraqi Freedom
& B-1B Lancer aircrews were awarded 6 Distinguish Flying Crosses for Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom
2011 - B-1Bs flew 1,200 combat sorties, executed 3,000 tactical air requests, intervened in 432 ground engagements. Dropped 700 weapons.
B-1Bs flew 987 sorties over Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. They dropped 456 Million pounds of munitions.

B-1Bs flew from Ellsworth AFB, SD to bomb targets in Libya, the first time the B-1B flew a combat mission from a CONUS base.

November 2014 - A B-1B destroyed a Khorasan Group weapons storage facility.
September 23, 2014 - B-1Bs attacked ISIL forces.
July 11, 2008 - Attacked enemy bunker.
March 2008 - Dropped ordinance and provided a show of force.
October 2007 - Destroyed a target.
September 2007 - Dropped ordinance.
July 2007 provided support: June 2007 provided support May 2007 provided support: March 2007 provied support: January 9, 2007 - A B-1B supported ground forces in the vicinity of Turki Village.
March 30, 2003 - For the first time B-52s, B-1s, and B-2s attacked simultaneous targets. The targets included leadership command and control targets.
March 14, 2003 - A B-1B bombed radar sites in Western Iraq.
B-1s participated in Operation Desert Fox.
January 4, 2005 - A B-1B had a nose gear collapse.
February 27, 2004 - A B-1B had an accident on landing. Standing water was sited as a cause of the mishap. The mishap caused $7.6 Million damage.

The B-1B crew Bone 23 won the 2009 Mackay Trophy for its action during July 13, 2008. It disrupted an attack by 200 enemy troops, which allowed coalition forces to regroup.
B-1Bs dropped 70% of the JDAMs dropped in Afghanistan.
B-1Bs flew 5% of the Operation Enduring Freedom missions and dropped 40% of the tonnage.
September 2008 - Dropped ordinance.
August 2008 - Struck a stationary target & provided show of force.
July 2008 - Dropped ordinance.
June 2008 - Dropped ordinance & provided show of force.
May 2008 - Dropped ordinance.
April 2008 - Dropped ordinance and provided shows of force.
March 2008 - Dropped ordinance, provided shows of force.
February 2008 - Dropped ordinance and provided shows of force.
January 2008 - Dropped ordinance.
December 2007 - Dropped ordinance & provided shows of force.
November 2007 - Dropped ordinance & provided a show of force.
October 2007 - Dropped ordinance and provided show of force.
September 2007 - Dropped ordinance and provided show of force.
August 2007 - Dropped multiple GBU-38s and GBU-31s on enemy firing positions. Conducted shows of force.
July 2007 - B-1B provided support:
  • Ordinance dropped - Kajaki Dam
  • Show of force - Orgun-E
  • Overwatch - Kajaki Dam
June 2007 - B-1B provided support:
  • Ordinance dropped - Garmsir, Oruzgan, Qalat
  • Show of force - Bala Morghab, Kajaki Dam, Kandahar, Khowst, Qalat
May 2007 - B-1B provided support:
  • Ordinance dropped - Asadabad, Asmar, Garmser, Gereshk, Kajaki Dam, Kajaki Sofia
  • Show of force - Asadabad, Farah, Gardez, Gereshk, Gorestani Nawer, Kandahar, Orgun-E
  • Overwatch - Gereshk, Kandahar, Sangin
April 2007 - B-1Bs provided support:
  • Ordinance dropped - Asadabad, Ghazni, Kajaki Dam, Qalet, Sangin, Shindand, Shkin
  • Show of force - Asadabad, Asmar, Faizabad, Kajaki Dam, Oruzgan, Qalat, Trigari, Qaleh-Ye Now
  • Overwatch - Qarah Bagh, Sangin
  • Reconnaissance - Asmar, Kajaki Dam
  • SAR - Shot down NATO CH-47
March 2007 - B-1Bs provided support:
  • Ordinance dropped - Garmsir, Kajaki Dam, Sangin, Tarin Kowt
  • Show of Force - Farah, Gardez, Jalalabad, Kabul, Oruzgan, Orgun-E Kalan, Sangin, Zarghun Shahr, Worzhanah Kalay
  • reconnaissance - Nuresanr
February 2007 - B-1Bs supported ground forces in the vicinity of Forward Operating Base Carlson, Energay, Kajaki, Musa Qal’eh, Nowzad, Pashsbad, Now Zad, Qalat, Qurya, Deh Rawod & Tarin Kowt.
January 2007 - B-1Bs supported ground forces in Asadabad, forward operating base Carlson, Ghanzi, Orgun-E, Now Zad, Nurestan, Qurya, and Sangin.
December 2006 - B-1Bs supported ground forces in the vicinity of Kabul, Kandahar, Lashkar Gah, Now Zad & Sangin.
November 2006 - B-1Bs supported ground forces in the vicinity of Asadabad.
October 2006 - B-1Bs supported ground forces in Armah, Band-Kajaki, Bermel Rod, Bez Bel, De Cagay Ghar, Gal Kowt, Gangikhal, Garmsir, Gereshk, Gilan, Kandahar, Kawre Ghar, Khayl-e Sufla, Kohe Regak, Lwara Daste, Mangratay, Now Zad, Nazargol Kala, Oruzgan, Qaryeh-e, Regal, Salam, Sardaran, Shami Kabol, Shenadan, Shinkay Gar.
September 2006 - B-1Bs supported ground forces in Asadabad, Gereshk, Kandahar, Khowst, Lashkar, Musah Qal-eh, Now Zad, Orgun-E, Oruzgan, Qalat, Sangin, Tarin Kowt
August 2006 - B-1Bs supported ground forces in the vicinity of Asadabad, Gereshk, Ghazni, Kandahar, Khod Valley, Khowst, Lashkar Gah, Musah Qal’eh, Now Zad, Orgun-E, Oruzgan, Qalat, Tarin Kowt.
July 2006 - B-1Bs supported ground forces in the vicinities of Assadabad, Deh Rawood, Gereshk, Jalalabad, Kandahar, Khowst, Lashkar Gah, Musah Qal'eh, Now Zad, Orgun-E, Oruzgan, Qalat, & Tarin Kowt
June 2006 - B-1Bs support ground forces in Asadabad, Deh Rawood, Gereshk, Ghazni, Kabul, Kandahar, Khowst, Gereshk, Jalalabad, Orgun-E, Oruzgan, Parmakan, Qalat, Tarin Kowt.
May 2006 - B-1Bs suppoted ground forces in Asadabad, Deh Rawood, Gereshk, Kabul, Kandahar, Khowst, Oruzgan, Qalat, and Tarin Kowt.
August 2, 2004 - A B-1 supported ground forces in an engagement involving 50 enemy troops.
July 29, 2004 - A B-1B supported ground forces who were ambushed. The B-1B had no apparent effect.
May 25, 2004 - A B-1 of the 40th AEG attacked a Taliban force of about 200. The force was fighting against French and Afghan troops. The B-1 dropped 4 x JDAMs. The surviving Taliban retreated.
March 18, 2004 - A B-1 struck an enemy compound.
A B-1B attacked the enemy in a firefight on March 19, 2002. Ten al-Qaeda died in the fight.
A B-1B attacked the Zawar Kili camp on January 10, 11 & 13, 2002.
B-1B attacked targets on 6 January, 2002.
January 3, 2002 - 4 B-1Bs attacked al-Qaeda's Zawar Kili Camp with 2,000 pound bombs.
A B-1B bombed a ridgeline called "The Whale".
B-1Bs have been attacking underground bunkers
B-1s made their first strikes on October 7, 2001.
B-1s made strikes on October 14, 2001.
A B-1B struck a compound used by Taliban leaders in Kandahar.
December 28, 2001 - 2 B-1Bs and a B-52 attacked a Taliban compound. The attack killed 107 Talibans, including Qari Ahmedullah and Mullaah Abdul Salem Rocketi, and destroyed 12 buildings.
January 18, 2010 - A B-1B had a malfunction and caught fire.
May 8, 2006 - A B-1B crashed on landing. The incident slightly injured the co-pilot and caused $7.9 million worth of damage to the B-1B and the damage to the runway totaled $14,025.
November 30, 2004 - A B-1B had an electrical malfunction.
November 23, 2004 - A B-1B made an aborted take-off which caused the landing gear to overheat. The resulting fire damaged the gear. Lt. Col Richard Banks was the pilot and Capt Neal Eby was the co-pilot.
February 27, 2004 - A B-1B rolled off a runway and caused $1 million in damage.
March 31, 2003 - A B-1B had a mishap on a bombing mission. The mishap caused $1.3 Million damage.
June 10, 2014 - A B-1B accidentally killed 5 US Special Forces soldiers and an Afghan soldier.
May 2009 - A B-1B dropped a 2,000lb bomb and killed some civilians.
June 11, 2008 - A B-1B was involved in an airstrike where 11 members of the Pakistani defense force were killed.
On 12 December, 2001 a B-1B crashed 50 kilometers from Diego Garcia at 22:30 Local Time. It was flying to Afghanistan when it had multiple systems malfunctions. The USS Russell rescued the crew members. Crew members included co-pilot call sign "Rooster", the Offensive Systems Officer call sign "Iroc", and the Defensive Systems Officer call sign "Lost".

B-1s destoyed a small arms factory at Krqgujeac.

4 B-1 Lancers flew missions.
Operation Desert Fox was the first time B-1s flew in combat. The B-1s used conventional 500 pound bombs. They destroyed an Iraqi barracks.
B-1s from Air Combat Command's 28th Bomb Wing at Ellsworth AFB, SD won the top bomb wing award.
April 4, 2008 - A B-1B was involved in a ground incident.
March 7, 2008 - A B-1B rolled into two P-23 fire trucks at Anderson AFB, GU.
September 15, 2005 - A B-1B had a mishap on Guam. The incident caused $32 million in damage to the aircraft and $184,000 in damage to the taxiway.
August 19, 2013 - A displaced baffle cutting into the main fuel line caused a B-1B to crash near Broadus, Montana. The crew ejected safely..

B-1B Class A Mishaps FY 2002 - 1; FY-2003 - 1; FY-2004 - 2; FY-2005 - 5
Mission-Capable Rates: 2001 - 60.7%; 2002 - 66.1%; 2003 - 70.7%; 2004 - 67.9%; 2005 - 65.7%

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