Harrier GR7, GR1, & Sea Harrier F/A2 (RAF), AV-8B Plus HMM-266 (USMC)

F-117A Nighthawk

B-2 Spirit

A B-2 destroyed 10 buildings. B-2s destroyed 2 bridges. A B-2 destroyed 2 bunkers. B-2s damaged the 3rd Army Headquarters and garrison. There are reports it was a B-2 that attacked the Chinese Embassy.
This is the First time the B-2 Spirit was used in combat. The B-2s belong to the 509th Bomb Wing.
A-10 Thunderbolt II

KC-135 Stratotanker E3 Sentry (AWACS), and other Boeing 707 variants.

EA-6B Prowler

Prowlers carried out electronic jamming during an attack on an SA-6 site. Because of the F-117A shootdown EA-6Bs were tasked with providing jamming for the F-117As and the B-2s.
Tristar Tankers K1/KC1(RAF), L-1011 of the US Civil Reserve Fleet.

These tankers have flown over 28 sorties during Operation Allied Force.
Super Etendard

A Super Etendard shot down an Mi-8 in air-to-air combat. Super Etendards participated in a successful attack on a vehicle convoy.
Argentine Super Etendards sank the destroyer HMS Sheffield and the cargo ship Atlantic Conveyor during the Falkland Islands conflict.

Mirage 2000



The U-2 entered service in 1955. It started flying missions over hostile territory in 1956. U-2s alerted the US to Soviet missiles in Cuba in 1962.
Specat Jaguar

C-160 Transall

A Luftwaffe C-160 flew in 8 tons of supplies.

MH-53 Pave Low helicopters were involved in rescuing the downed F-117A and F-16 pilots. MH-53s from the USS Inchon participated in Operation Sustained Hope.
Mirage IV

USS Theodore Roosevelt, The 6th Fleet

F-104 Starfighter
USS Philippine Sea

The Philippine Sea destroyed a MiG-29 on the ground with a Tomahawk cruise missile. Attacked Belgrade on 4/3/99. That attack destroyed two government buildings.
F-14 Tomcat

USS Gonzalez

Attacked Belgrade on 4/3/99. That attack destroyed two government buildings.
HMS Splendid

The HMS Splendid is a Swiftsure class nuclear powered attack submarine.
C-5 Galaxy

C-5s have been flying Kosovo refugees to the US.
French Aircraft Carrier Foch

Super Etendards from the carrier Foch sucessfully attacked a vehicle convoy.
USS Vella Gulf CG 72

February 7, 2009 - Assisted a dhow that had engine trouble.
USS Norfolk

USS Ross
RQ-1A Predator (UAV)

USS Albuquerque
Hunter (UAV)

A Hunter provided bomb damage assessment for a radio relay site at Urosevac.
Yugoslavian forces shot down a US Army Hunter on 4/8/99.
E-2C Hawkeye

S-3B Viking
USS Stout

The USS Stout fired cruise missiles against Iraq during Operation Desert Fox.
USS Miami

USS Thorn

USS Leyte Gulf

USS Halyburton

USS La Salle

USS Nassau

AH-1W Cobra, UH-1N

CH-46E Sea Knight

CH-53 Super Stallion

USS Nashville

USS Pensacola

USS Arctic

USS Grapple

Kosovo Liberation Army

Captured 4 Yugoslavian soldiers and 1 Russian volunteer. The KLA handed two of the prisoners over to NATO. NATO released the prisoners on 5/18/99. Killed three Serbian soldiers. Killed a Russian volunteer. Captured a border gaarrison at Kosave on 9 April 1999. Made an enclave 5 miles inside Serbian territory. Captured Jablanica along with some weapons and military vehicles. Has some Serbians pinned down at Mount Pastric. Captured 3 villages. Opened a road in Jurik.
USS Avenger

USS Champion

USS Devestator

USS Scout

Boeing 747

A Boeing 747 flew the first Kosavar refugees to Maguire AFB, NJ. 747s have continued to airlift refugees to the US.
HMS Invincible

Sea Harriers from the HMS Invincible flew CAPs.
Crecrelle (drone) belongs to the French 7th Artillery Regiment
Marach 26 (drone)
USS Inchon

MH-53 helicopters from the USS Inchon fly in support of Operation Sustained Hope.
NOTE: The US Navy decommissioned the USS Inchon on June 20, 2002 after 32 years of service.
Cl-289 (drone)

Yugoslavian air defences shot down three Cl-289s. One was German and another French CL-289. It is the first German aircraft lost to enemy action since World War II.
AH-64 Apache, belongs to the 11 Attack Helicopter Regiment.

On 5 May 1999 an Apache crashed in a training accident.
A C-9 Nightingale carried the three ex-POWs from Bosnia to Germany.

RAF VC-10 tankers flew over 4 missions.
Albanian Army
Captured a Yugoslavian soldier.
The International Rescue Committee (IRC) dropped 5,000 leaflets which explained their intentions to air drop supplies. The International Rescue Committee started air dropping relief supplies to Kosovo refugees.
Prepared a runway for C-130 traffic. Expanded the runway for C-5 traffic.
P-3s fired Standoff Land Attack Missiles (SLAMs) at targets in Kosovo.
USS Kearsarge

Italian Aircraft Carrier Garabaldi
C-130 Hercules

Ground Troops
Demolished 1 Bridge in Bosnia. Killed one Railroad Guard.
B-52 Stratofortresses
B-1B Lancer
BlackhawkMH-60 Pave Hawk C-17 Globmaster III
CF-18, EF-18, F/A-18 Hornet, & USMC F/A-18D
F-16 Fighting Falcon
KC-10A Extender
EagleF-15 Eagle/Strike Eagle