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214 Days of Unemployment

I got layed off on October 31, which made it my scariest Halloween ever. Getting layed off was unrelated to the economic situation. It has been 17 years since I waa last out of a job. In 1994 it was easy to get temp work. I'd call up a temp agency and they would say come on down. This time around they would tell me to apply on their web site. Another trend I find disturbing is some companies demand an applicant's social security number online. In today's environment that's asking a lot. They advertise their jobs to numerous job sites. Then expect people to fill out their online application where applicants are epected to give their life history, personal information, and their social security number. It's impossible for me to believe these companies have never heard of identity theft. So I must conclude they just don't care about applicants, some of whom will end up working for them. Anyone can take out an advertisement on these job sites. It is easy to set up a web site that looks like a legitimate company. The applicant has no sure way of knowing if they are giving their social security number to an possible employer or someone interested in stealing their identity. Even if it's a legitimate company how many people are going to have access to this information. It's a bit curious what kind of employees these companies want. Do they want employees who will blindly follow any request? Would they want employees who are that unaware of security concerns?

Companies that ask for a social security number over the internet:

Company Job Applying For Company Job Applying For
Michaels Arts & Crafts Support Specialist job Marriott Administrative Asst-Sales
Virginia Workforce Connection Administrative Support Specialist Virginia Hospital Center Birth Registrar, Part time position
Capital One Admin Support Assistant III Northwest Federal Credit Union Courier
Donohue Hospitality Services Front Office Manager-Courtyard Conv Center Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc. Information Technology Intern
QIVLIQ Help Desk Specialist Suburban Hospital Administrative Assistant
Davidson Hotels and Resorts Sales Administrative Assistant A no experience required job.
Harris Teeter Office Assistant CarMax The U.S. Government
KMart Admin & Clerical Wshington Hospital Center Mail Clerk
RAC Customer Service Representative Recruit Job Pro LLC A recruiting organization
American Systems Corporation Customer Service/Help Desk Specialist    
Companies that ask if you have ever been convicted of a crime without asking for specifics. In other words a person who got caught in a speed trap is in the same boat as someone who was conviced of mass murder:
Another nasty trend is for companies to ask a series of multiple choice questions that they claim tells them something significant about the applicant. Frankly these tests should be illegal.
Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp) uses such a test.

Looking for a commission only sales job:

An area of caution is where they ask people to sign and give a unique identifier - last 4 of the social and their zip code. If someone received the social security number in the same area where they now live an unscrupulous person knows the applicant's first 3 and last 4, that limits the applicant's social security number to 100 possibilities.
Another area of caution Sears, Roebuck & Co. wants applicants to log on to their facebook accounts. What are they up to?

November 2 - Got a phone interview on November 4. It's with a good company and for a good job. That means I probably won't get the job but here's to hope.

November 3 - Booted up the machine at 7:11, do you think it is a sign of good luck? Today being day 3 it ties for the most amount of consecutive days of leave I took in the past 19 years. That 3 days of leave happened in 2004.

November 4 - Had to do a school drop off and get gas in the car. Didn't submit my first application until 8:54.

November 5 - After yesterday, and it being a Saturday, I'm treating it as a down day. Hopefully by next Saturday I'll find out I made the right decision.

November 6 - Decided I'll be more choosy about which jobs I apply for this week. If nothing happens this week I'll go back to applying for anything. Spent a ton of time looking for 20 year old documentation so I could use the wording as a cover letter for a job applicaiton. Didn't find it so I winged it.

November 7 - Hopefully this will be a big week. I should know if my optimism is justified by the end of the day. I am disturbed at how quickly I became comfortable with being unemployed.

November 8 - That interview with the temp agency lit a fire under me. Decided I need a job, fast! Went through the list of 250 jobs in the Washington Post, applied for 22 of them. It's election day, that's the reason for the second picture up top.

November 9 -

November 10 - Problem getting into the internet. That's all I need. Tried every reset, didn't work. Then it started working, lost an hour.

November 11 - Veteran's Day - We'll have to see how it goes. Many organizations are closed. Maybe some of the offices that are open will use this day to work on hiring employees. One can but hope. The third picture up top marks the passage of time. I suppose this has been relatively big week, which is kind of depressing.

November 12 - Had an email asking me to apply for a good job. The job is no longer available, couldn't have gotten the job anyway.

November 13 - Sunday is a rough day for job hunting for me, so many other things to do.

November 14 - Start of third week, seems like forever.

November 15 - Wheel spinning. I don't know what else to do to try to find work.

November 16 - There seem to be much fewer jobs out there than would appear from the advertisements. A couple of staffing agencies are trying to fill a few openings and advertise all over the place for them. Many of the ads are duplicates.

November 17 - Still down from the rejection emails.

November 18 - Meeting with an employment agency this morning. Probably a waste of time and a toll. Also have to do a school drop off.

November 19 - Got the money for the unused leave from my former company.

November 20 - Off to a slow start today. Didn't finish the Washington Post 250 until late evening.

November 21 - So begins another week.

November 22 - Keep seeing the same jobs, with the same handful of companies. Time is going by very slowly today. The nights are worse. There is time to think about that ashes that is my career.

November 23 - Last day of job search for a couple of days. Am giving an in-law's web site a look to see what can be improved. Have a link to the site at the top of the page. It's the Gordi graphic. Figured maybe I can help them and keep myself busy practicing my skills.

November 26 - Back from Thanksgiving vacation. Should have stayed here and looked for work, but there are family obligations. The graphic up on top shows passage of more time.

November 27 - Going through emails.

November 28 - So begins another jobless week. I found another disheartening pattern. Organizations post new job adds for jobs I, and presumably many others, have applied for.

November 29 - Got an email from a recruiter for a job in North Carolina. He probably thought I was a candidate because of parsing software. Tip for recruiters, use the parser but then actually read the resume. Bought a box of Christmas Cards today, 32 for $2.97 at Walmart. A couple of years ago I got into the mode of buying inexpensive Christmas Cards, although this year I would have been tempted to go for the more expensive cards had I been employed. Yes, I'll waste the $2 somewhere else but I would waste $2 somewhere else anyway so every little bit helps. It also gets me in the mood of feeling guilty every time I waste money, which motivates me to spend less. It's a good way to evolve into the live with less mode. Today was a relatively good day, not from the quantity of jobs I applied for, 13, but the quality. A couple of jobs seemed right for me and one I think I made a pretty good case of why I was good for it. I did get one email rejection, but all that means is that organization wanted to be more talkative than most of the others that I sent applications. I also got to address all my Christmas Cards.

November 30 - Unemployed for one month. Now there's a permanent gap in my resume.

December 1 - This is a milestone I hoped wouldn't come. I'm starting to consider going to the unemployment office. The only positive thing is my Javascript that keeps tract of the number of days is working. I added to the Javascript so it should keep tract until the end of February, I hope it doesn't go that far. I decided to change tactics and look in before I look in Snagajob. It's past 4 and the only calls I've received was for back to school and insurance.

December 2 - So ends another jobless week. The frost on the ground this morning yet another reminder of the passage of time. Got a couple of robo calls, unrelated to jobs. They are especially annoying since I hope the phone would ring for about a job. Checked my savings plan from the company I worked for. It went up $700 from last month. On closer inspection I saw only the Stable Value Fund, Government STIF, and the company stocks gained money. The other dozen or so funds lost money, that includes a Target Date fund.

December 3 - Off to a slow start today. Had somethings that had to get done in the morning.

December 4 - Sunday is a difficult day to look for work, religious obligations.

December 5 - So begins another week.

December 6 - Don't feel bad today, I'm not sure if that's a good thing. The concern is I may be getting use to being unemployed.

December 7 - Called Virginia Employment Agency, went through a series of questions then got to where I was listening to muzak @ 10:18. Got a live person on the line @ 10:32. Was told since I worked in Maryland I had to call Maryland since it goes by where your employer is based not where you live. Called Maryland got muzak at 10:39. Got disconnected at 10:49.

December 8 - Morale non-existant. Called Maryland unemployment at 10:16, listening to muzak until 10:25. The person I spoke with was very polite, gave detailed information, and completely answered all my questions. I'm officially on the government dole. The URL given on the Mayland unemployment agency's voice message is wrong. The correct URL is

Decemver 9 - Another Friday. Was out on an errand got two phone calls and one just moments after I got back from the same company. It's good to know they are still interested.

December 10 - Day wasted. Dropping off someone at the airport & Christmas shopping took up the day. My spouse received a job offer without even looking. As we were shopping she got a call from a friend who offered to hire her. My spouse is already working two part time jobs, in both cases they would give her more hours if she asked for them. The lesson here is getting and keeping job is difficult, but not for everyone.

December 11 - Sunday, I get the feeling with all these opportunities something is bound to come through. Another part of me says that's silly, since the vast majority of opportunities have come to nothing. The question is should I still put in for Administrative Assistant and Data Entry jobs or should I get greedy and only apply for jobs more technical.

December 12 - So begins another week. So begins another look at reality. I need to get my applications to the people who are actually going to make the hiring decision. I have no proof any application for a job of significance has gotten to that point.

December 13 - Off to a slow start today, it's 0852 and I haven't started looking yet. Received some mail from the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations. Went online and filed my verification.

December 14 - Caught up on my email, wonder how long the box will stay empty. Sent a book query to another agent. Another nusiance is employer web sites that don't work properly.

December 15 - My computer decided to do an automatic reboot and I lost all of the morning entries. Not a big deal but it's annoying. Just finished the telephone interview, it seemed to go well. It's good for a part time job. I'll find out by the end of the month if it really went well. The face to face interview was for a company that wants people to sell financial advice. All the signs were there. When an interviewer asks you over the phone what was the favorite part of your old job and doesn't seem to have any problem with you making a career change, that should set off alarm bells. I got a sinking feeling when I got into the office. It was a stark office with no receptionist. There were a couple of motivational posters taped to the walls. There's the feeling they were trying a bit too hard to promote themselves. The interviewer's office had a bunch of award plaques and trophies. After the interviewer gave the initial spiel and I confirmed he wanted me to sell this automated financial advice system I told him I wasn't the right person for it. The brochure projected a 12% annual growth on money market funds. That seems overly optimistic when recently a decade's worth of gains were wiped out in a couple of months. My advice is to decline anyone who calls you up or sends you an email offering to be your financial advisor.

December 16 - So another week draws to a close. It looks as if nothing good is going to happen this year. Just opened an email I got yesterday. It was to tell me a job I applied for was cancelled in November. I had applied for the Job on October 20.

December 17 - Not much time for searching today. Obligations have a habit of getting in the way of a job search.

December 18 - Will probably be another day without too much time for searching.

December 19 - It took me a minute to figure out it was Monday. Baring a Christmas miracle it would seem I'll close out the year unemployed. Had a bit of trouble with the internet, easily corrected.

December 20 - 4 more days to look for a job before Christmas. Unemployment is a good way to put a damper on the holiday spirit. Have a phone interview today, it's with an HR person, better than a recruiter, not as good as a hiring manager.

December 21 - So begins my winter of discontent.

December 22 - I'm upbeat today. I am under the impression with as much that is happening I will get some kind of work right after the New Year. I'm fighting this upbeat feeling since if something good doesn't happen then the post holiday blues will really be bad.

December 23 - I'm supposed to head something about a part time, temporary job today. Let's see what happens.

December 24 - Have to leave town so the job search is suspended. It also means another milestone I didn't want to reach. I applied for 1 job, Washington Post.

December 26 - Back from Christmas vacation. Had some letters from the unemployment office.

December 27 - Start the job search again in earnest. Morale seems high, but I can't give a good reason for it. I put in my unemployment claim. Claimed I earned $1 during the week ending December 24, which is .97¢ more than I actually earned. You have to round up to the next dollar. The .03¢ is what Yahoo said I should get.

December 28 - Down today, in the "I'll never find a job" mood.

December 29 - Seem to be uncovering Administrative jobs at a good clip today.

December 30 - The end of the business year.

December 31 - Late start today. Not able to get much done. Did apply for one job, a good one, probably won't hear anything back from them. I applied for it twice, once through the Washington Post job board and once through a direct email. On the off chance I hear smething from them I'll be able to get an idea of which method worked better.

January 1 - Another milestone I didn't want to reach. I'm facing 2012 with dred. My JavaScript I made for the daily counter accepted the change of the year, that's something I suppose.

January 2 - Today is a Federal Holiday so I have another day before I face a day of disappointment. Many of the posted jobs are no longer available. Most of the jobs involving DoD contracts require recent DoD experience, great for insiders.

January 3 - Started out filling out an application from a company, from an automatic email. I sent the filled out form by both email and fax. Received a robocall about a work at home opportunity. I didn't take it, but I didn't add myself to the do not call list. This has been a bad day.

January 4 - Feeling nothing so far. This is too routine. I'm moving at a slower speed.

January 5 - I am supposed to be getting a call at 0900. I solicited the call a couple of minutes after 0900. He called on my cell phone. It's a great job, I'm sure I'll be getting a rejection email. Sure enough the rejection email came in this afternoon.

January 6 - The first week of 2012 is over. My hope the new year would bring a better job outlook is also over.

January 7 - Weekends have a paradox. On one hand I don't bother wishing for a telephone call since I know I won't get a call on the weekend. On the other hand I know nothing positive will happen today or tomorrow.

January 8 - Sunday again.

January 9 - Another week begins. No calls, not a good way to start a week.

January 10 - This has gotten entirely too routine. One trend I find annoying is when a job board lists a job and the link to apply for the job is to another job board.

January 11 - It seems 2012 is even worse job wise than 2011.

January 12 - If I don't get anything back today or tomorrow that would be very bad news. I put in 46 applications yesterday.

January 13 - Let's see if 13 will be mu lucky number. My printer is out of black ink so it's not a good start. A server is down. I have a face to face interview at 10:15 today. As expected the interview was for a "work on commission" marketing job. The organization is Edge Marketing. I figured that's what it was but I had to take the chance. They were apparently holding a training session in a conference room. Naturally when the interviewer was trying to sell the company rather than try to find out my qualification I knew it was bad. I also realized its not just the end of another week, it's a three day weekend. This means I'm not likely to make any progress on the job front on Monday.

January 14 - Had a dream last night I got my old job back. I've had that deam before.

January 15 - Slipped and fell in the church parking lot last night. No discoloration or swelling but it hurts every time I try to bend, or straighten, my knee. It's not what I need right now.

January 16 - Martin Luther King Day. The hope today is, since it's not a universally observed holiday, some businesses might use the relative down day to catch us on looking at resumes.

January 17 - I have an interview tomorrow. I left a phone message and sent an email to a recruiter yesterday. Everyone, except me, is back at work today, so let's see what happens. The volume of emails I have been getting is way down.

January 18 - I have an interview today. Not feeling good about it. The job is over an hour away and I doubt I'll get it anyway. To compound things my wife apparently miscalculated our needs so we might run into financial problems soon.

January 19 - Have to make a call back on a Data Entry position. Today is starting out hopeful. It's 7:40 and I applied for two good jobs. Made the call back on the Data Entry position at 09:02, left message. Made contact over the phone, let's see how it goes.

January 20 - Another week comes to an end. I had really hoped I'd get a call back on that Data Entry job. That job would have paid $30,000. It doesn't bother me when I get a turn down from a job that would pay about what I was getting. When I don't get any word back when organizations know they are getting a fire sale price that hurts.

January 21 - Computer problems. Did some job search and applied for some. It just didn't save my changes.

January 22 - Managed to partially repair some of the problems. I was infected with a Trojan Zeroaccesslkmem worm. Really caused a nusiance. Tried restoring from December. That seems to have made it a bit better. I still can't to see the files on my system. They are there but I just can't see them unless I call them by name.

January 23 - I am going to try to work with my hobbled computer. I fell really bad. It's the last full week of January and no job. The one thing this has taught me is retirement isn't so bad. It's just too bad I'll never be able to afford it.

January 24 - My computer seems to be near normal now. I feel relatively up today. I'll find out in the next couple of days if it's justified.

January 25 - Made the telephone interview. It involved answering some standard questions. Considering the job they are asking a lot. Disturbing trend, a help desk job I applied for in November is still being advertised.

January 26 - Another week nearing and end, I hoped something would break loose but it doesn't look as if it will.

January 27 - Another week is at an end. Time seems to be slipping by with no improvement in my situation.

January 28 - Another weekend. This means two days with no hope of a call. Sent an email to Senator Jim Webb about my identity theft concern. We'll see if he does any more than Senator Warner. Yes, this is turning into a one person crusade. That is what happens when people have time on their hands.

January 29 - Have been dreaming about applying for jobs.

January 30 - Another week begins and another month is near an end. Have a dental appointment today. Now I'll see what this COMEXIS (Cobra) insurance is worth. Got to the dential office. The dental office made a call and they were told my coverage expired on December 16. Got home, verified I was paying $85.56 a month for the past three months. Called up COMEXIS who said I was paid up and active. They said I had to settle the issue with Delta Dental HMO. Delta Dental HMO said it was Delta Dental PPO and they transferred me. Delta Dental PPO said it was Delta Dental HMO. I explained the run around situation and the Delta Dental PPO representitive. Was given one of two possible numbers to call, they said I had to deal with Delta Dental of Virginia. I called one number, they said they would have to transfer me. I was transferred, after a couple of minutes I received an automated voice telling me to leave a message. They called me back in a few minutes. Then they told me it was the responsibility of COMEXIS (Cobra) to give them the verification. I put in a complaint with the FTC Complain System. I don't expect anything from it but I figure if I'm one, or one of a few complaints, nothing will happen. If I am one of many complaints there may be a day where the FTC gets one complaint too many about them. COMEXIS got back to me they said Delta Dental confirmed they have received verification. COMEXIS gave me a number to call Delta Dental. I called, the number is not in service.

January 31 - Another month is at an end. From the number of calls and emails I've received for interviews 2012 is no better than 2011. January is has not been a better hiring month than any of the months in the autumn. To make matters worse they are cutting back on my wife's hours. That will set us back about $500 a month.

February 1 - Another month begins. This doesn't feel like Month IV; A New Hope.

February 2 - Groundhog Day. Rather than everything going in a circle I seem to be on a downward spiral. I've got an appointment on Monday with another recruiting agency, probably a waste of half a day. I'm also going to call what is apparently a staffing agency about a horrible excuse for a job. It reads like 3 month of full time, brain dead work where I would get less than I get for unemployment, with no hope of continuing. I called up the recruiter and left a message. They sent back an email asking if I was comfortable with $10/hr, 3 months, 40 hr/wk, no benefits. I told them I wasn't the pay was too low and I wouldn't be able to interview for a permanent job. I told them I would do part time or short term for those prices. I doubt I'll be hearing from them again.

February 3 - The end of another week. Called Delta Dental again. They had there three days. They sent me back to CONEXIS who gave me another number for Delta Dental. Delta Dental admitted I was a member. Now it's a matter of filling out paperwork and sending it to my dentist. Let's see how this goes.

February 4 - Saturday again. Yesterday they were talking up how much the employment picture improved in January. I have seen no evidence of it from my perspective. Granted I may just be unlucky, that would be consistent with the way things have been going for me lately.

February 5 - Superbowl Sunday. Off to a late start, folks have different church obligations.

February 6 - Week not off to a good start. Looked over an email and saw I had to fill out some online forms. Filled out the online forms. One interview was with a recruiting organization and the other was with a temp agency. Let's see if these do any better than the others.

February 7 - A slow start today. At 9:40 internet started acting up.

February 8 - Same old routine.

February 9 - Have a part time job interview today. I have two worries about the interview. One worry is I won't get the job. The other worry is I will get the job. It's a part time job that pays less than $12/hour. That means I'll be working for nothing because the unemployment pays more. The interview was fun. I actually had what seemed to be good answers for everything. God a call from the company with a job offer. It's $11.35/hr.

February 10 - Took a drug test this morning. Tried to get the I-9 out of the way but the reporting person wasn't there. I sent an email to Cheryl Palmer who wrote an article 5 Things to Never Say in an Interview, Published in CareersConnect, February 2012. One other things never to say is anything bad about your previous boss. I asked her what to do if it's obvious the experience with the previous company wasn't a good one, for the employee. She gave a detailed answer on February 13.

February 11 - I completed the I-9 form today. I fugured I'd show up dressed for work just in case. I have to call on Monday to make sure all the paperwork is in. My spouse is angry that I'm taking this job. An old friend of mine advises doing charity work in my field instead. There are good reasons for doing the latter, it would look better on a job application that I would be doing something in my field. It might also turn into a paid position. The other side is if you are working for nothing the impression might be the services aren't worth anything. Another problem is what I've run into when doing volunteer work in churches. There is a tendency to ask more and more time of the volunteers. This could also translate into tearing into job search time.

February 12 - Typical slow Sunday start.

February 13 - Week not off to a good start. Couldn't get through to a human at Human Resources at the part time job. Talked to a recruiter who didn't seem to be listening to anything I was saying. A company's online application form isn't working right.
Cheryl Palmer answered my questions of February 10. Here is her response:

  • If you want to avoid giving the impression that you were a marginal worker or a doormat, you should point to any accomplishments that you had at your previous job. If you had good performance reviews, this is something that you can point to. You can also put your layoff in context by telling the employer that you were one of ___ people laid off. (For example, you could say, "I was one of 150 people laid off because of a business decision made by the company.")
  • I know that it can be tempting to give an employer an earful about your previous employer in an interview, especially if you feel that the layoff was unfair, but it is best to keep it positive.
  • You will be most successful if you just mention the fact that you were laid off and then talk about how well your qualifications match with the company's requirements.

    February 14 - Site being blocked. I challenged the block yesterday. Will move to another site if the block isn't stopped or an explanation isn't given by today.

    February 15 - Switched to another site. Went to the part time job's web site for onboarding. This company managed to break morale even before I start working. It has ridiculously difficult reporting procedures for a low paying job. Everyone was right, it was foolish of me to agree to work for them.

    February 16 - This part time job is causing trouble even before I have started working at it. My wife is mad at me.

    February 17 - One telephone interview down, two more to go. The job seems great, so I probably won't get it. For the second phone interview the hiring manager asked I come in for a face to face on Monday. This puts it as the furthest I've gone with a full time job application.

    February 18 - First day of "work". Mixed feelings: The job reminded me how far I had fallen. The job kept me busy for a few hours.

    February 19 - Not much in the Washington Post 250.

    February 20 - Had a job interview. There was a test afterwards. Didn't handle the test well. The bad part was I could do a good job in that job. At least I learned something from the test.

    February 21 - Have been applying for a good number of jobs, unfortunately none of them are good jobs.

    February 22 - Ash Wednesday, another milestone I didn't want to reach.

    February 23 - Day is starting out pretty good. There is an airport job I can have if I want it. The problem is the job pays about $9.50 and hour. I also have to pay Union Dues of over $57/month, after paying an initial $75 for membership. That comes out to $ a month, before taxes.

    February 24 - Still upbeat from yesterday. I do feel some regrets about deciding against taking that airport job yesterday. One thing unemployment does is make people more choosy. Becoming unemployed means a big economic hit. Taking a job that pays less then unemployment means a second economic hit.

    February 25 - I work at that part time job again today. The work went well, among the things I did was some broom and mop stuff.

    February 26 - Not going to get much done with the job search today. I did apply for 11 jobs despite not doing any serious searching. I also tried to apply for another but their fax machine apparently wasn't turned on.

    February 27 - This begins a week of hope. If I get a call back from that job interview this week then I might be on my way to full employment, at about half of what I was making before. If I don't get a call back then it will be real bad come March 3.

    February 28 - No calls on Monday. Maybe I'll have better luck today.

    February 29 - The close of another month. No calls yesterday. Morale is sinking. I scheduled my annual physical for March 19. Why do I get the feeling I'll still be unemployed then.

    March 1 - I am now entering my 5th month of unemployment. The last time I went through this, 18 years ago, I was unemployed for 5 months. I hope I don't break that record. The web site I maintained has been completely revised, so goes the last proof of what I did for 17 years.

    March 2 - I'm closing out the week more hopeful than any other Friday. I have two interviews scheduled for next week. I am working today.

    March 3 - I work again today.

    March 4 - Very late start today. Got through the Washington Post 250, applied for 1.

    March 5 - Another optimistic Monday. I think I'm going to have to shake that off and look harder for work. I read March is the last of the big hiring months. The interview went very well. I also sent a follow-up letter.

    March 6 - Approaching the job search at a leasurly pace. I have to convince myself this isn't good.

    March 7 - I have to call in for a conference call interview today. Interview seemed to go well. Not much in the way of questions.

    March 8 - Work at part time job today, and tomorrow.

    March 9 - Not feeling good today. It turns out the telephone interview was a formality. The company is going to send up both resumes to the U.S. Government who will make the decision. I can think of many silly reasons why they would choose the other person. The U.S. Government has one speed, slow.

    March 10 - Today is tax day for me.

    March 11 - Probably not going to get much done with the job search today.

    March 12 - All optimism is gone. Now I have this sinking feeling I'm never going to get a real job.

    March 13 - Adrift, torn between trying to come up with a new approach and just going through the motions.

    March 14 - Made phone call to schedule a job interview at 0800. Network was down, as it was yesterday afternoon, they asked I call back in an hour. I called back and they told me to call at 0945 for a telephone interview. I had a bad feeling about this outfit. It turns out it was a cleaning company, so it's legitimate. We'll see how it goes. Decided against taking a work at home offer. The risk it was someone up to no good was just too great.